1. There is no louder sound than chewing pretzels with headphones in.

  2. I could spend my money on paying my credit card, my rent, my cell phone, my electric bill, and my cable bill, or I could buy a new laptop, an xbox, and spend the rest on wine so I can feel classy as I sit by myself trying to figure out how to get free wifi when my power is shut off.

  3. I hate absolutely everything about this class. I don’t know why I ever thought this would be a good idea. I’m not good at any aspect of this and if they don’t fail me, then I will be pushed through and make a horrible worker. Then in a year and a half I will be in the same position I’m in now. Unemployed, unqualified, unable to speak to people, college grad who drinks alone while eating a family size bag of potato chips, trying not to get the salt up my arms. But I cannot quit this because this is my last shot. What the fuck would I do then?

  4. Finished an exam and after trying and failing to talk to the chick who sits with me, and playing with my phone, went to hide in the washroom until we were allowed back into the classroom.

    • in my head: constructs witty and insightful answers to interview questions for when I'm famous
    • ordering at a restaurant: please I the soup want
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  5. indiandaughter:

    ill pay u $7 to have a crush on me

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  6. cockchomp:

    not killing myself is a personal achievement but you cant really brag about that at dinner parties

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    have you ever just

    stopped whatever you were doing

    to look at an english word and

    “you look like a fake word”


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