1. Sitting around my family, acting like a mentally unstable mute. They probably think I’m either a freak or a bitch since I’m not speaking and pretending to be busy on my phone. I’m in a weird place where I want to both be a part of everything and desperately want to leave. Since I can’t do the first one, I’m waiting to leave like a pathetic loser.

  2. It’s two for one cocktail night, I asked to take my second margarita out to the patio. The guy asked if it was to go, I said yes. Everyone else who got drinks out on the patio haf pretty drink glasses. But he mixes my margarita in a paper cup.

    I just ducked my head and said thank you, even though I was thinking “really? Even if all the glasses were dirty, you could have put it in the glass I just handed back to you. “

    But I didn’t say any of this, because I never do. Now I can enjoy my stealth margarita in the shade so I don’t burn even more.

  3. Browsing tumblr in a restaurant and frantically hitting the home button on my phone and looking up guiltily every time someone walks by.

  4. It’s hard to enjoy a drinking a margarita whrn you’re burnt like a lobster. Ow.

  5. I have one more apartment to look at. I already have it narrowed down to two. I really like both apartments, but one is in a good location and the other is a little further away.

    The woman who showed me the first apartment that I liked was so nice and incredibly helpful.

    The guy who showed me the second apartment I liked was nice and put up with me stuttering and stumbling through the questions I remembered to ask. He was also good looking, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the apartment.

    So the question now is: nice or cute?

  6. I’m looking at apartments and I am so super panicked. I just want to grab the first apartment I saw. Which is probably the one I’ll end up choosing, but I have to at least look at some others. I don’t know how to choose an apartment. I’m afraid I’m going to choose wrong.

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